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I Love to Organize My Makeup….

I am obsessed with organizing and reorganizing my makeup. I try to make it as efficient as possible, so this is my latest attempt at makeup perfection.  I showed you guys my personal makeup organization in this video, but this is how I organize my professional makeup kit.  I’ve got it down to one small case and one bag.  I think I kind of like it better than the big black rolling case I had before.  

I got the silver case from Home Depot for only $25! Amazing right! It’s a tool kit!  A couple of Urban Decay makeup artist that I know had them and I thought they were just so much more practical than the setup I had before.  I just had to have one. In this case is were have have all of my makeup: Eyeliners, lipliners, mascaras, eye primers and other things like that are in the top flap.  That flap actually un-hooks, so I can take it out and lay it flat if I wanted too. If you don’t have a brush belt, you could put your brushes there instead.  

In the bottom part I have gel eyeliners and paintpots, bronzers, eyebrow powders, face powders, face powder palette, blush palette, eyeshadow palettes, 3 liquid foundations (3 colors: light, medium, and dark for custom mixing), 13 cream full coverage foundations, face wipes, sponges, q-tips, mascara wants, plastic spatulas, lipgloss wands, 4 lipstick palettes (the blue little boxes), lip glosses (blue zipper pouch), Tweezers, pencil sharpeners, eyelash curlers, scissors, etc. (pink zipper pouch). 

And in the black bag I carry my brush belt (empty at the moment), terry clothe and paper towels, smock, hand mirror, powder puffs, alcohol wipes, false lashes pouch, liquids pouch (alcohol spray, makeup remover, setting spray, moisturizers, eye cream, primers, hand sanitizer, etc.  In the pink pouch, I carry things that aren’t necessary, but may be needed one day such as: bandaids, small sewing kit, safety pins, scissors, double stick tape, tide stain remover, hair ties, lint roller, earring backs, eye drops, spirit gum, etc. 

Even though the it’s only the size of a suitcase, it fits an amazing amount of products, especially if you have palettes to hold a lot of your makeup.  I can fit everything I need in the one case and bag.  Love the simplicity!

How do you guys organize your makeup when you travel? 

  1. xoxoloveandlight said: I LOVE this! When I first started out I had a big Caboodle, but that got too small too fast. Then on a shoot in LA, a fellow MUA recommended a big soft one with wheels, which is what I use now but it’s too much for me to handle. Def gonna try this!:)
  2. intermix-1 said: Wow, I think i will be heading to Home Depot to get this case. I have the Large Eve Pearl Makeup bag but its def doesn’t hold enough. Does the case have wheels?
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